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About symposium

Biogerontology and regenerative medicine is rapidly evolving with a multitude of new advances in aging research, promising to transform healthcare and extend healthy productive longevity. Recent breakthroughs in different fields of science became a source of potential to change the way we look at aging as a phenomenon.


However in an ever increasing ocean of information it is difficult to evaluate the technological readiness of the biomedical advances in anti-aging medicine and biogerontology. That is why a multinational community of scientists has organized an international symposium, with a goal to single out the research with evidence-based data, safety and scientific argumentation.


With over 100 scientists from over 20 countries, representing the most prominent biomedical centers and research institutes, the symposium is promising to be the premier gathering of gerontologists from around the world.


Main focus of the symposium will be on experts’ opinion regarding current trends and tendencies in gerontology and anti-aging medicine. World renowned scientific experts will draw up conclusions considering the prospects of the most advanced technologies of today.


The main section of the symposium is aimed to overview evidence-based references and scientific argumentation in favor of means and methods preventing age-related pathology and prolonging sustainable health, as well as to estimate prospects and efficacy of new geroprotectors.


Through the diverse research disciplines of our members and the expansion of our view of aging as a multilayered process, we have the potential to truly enhance the prospect of healthy aging!